Aventura Mall Symbolism

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The human mind is a motion camera with the eyes as its lenses. Lacking the bright glare of its lens, the eyes would take in and absorb the scenery surrounding their presence. The illustrations viewable from the banks of the mind are the memories, the nostalgic flashbacks to view as a motion picture. When there comes a time of migrating to a new life, the flowing of memories come rushing in to the human mind, leaving one longing for home, the one factor that made any person whole. An author’s concept of symbolism to the ambiguous reason of my own representation, my first invitation to a social gathering at Aventura Mall is the scene that best represents Miami from my perspective to the forefronts of the human mind. It was a lone luminous afternoon in the slow stiffening month of October, the illumination of the sun’s glare reflecting off the glass ceiling windows up above. The clouds covering up the sun did little to prevent my happiness disappearing. Looking over Johnny Rockets and AMC Theaters, I saw the familiar silhouette that made up…show more content…
As we waited for our food, we talked about how Paranormal Activity 2 ran chills down our spines, the laughter we shared replaced the frightening moments and images from the film. Eating over the delicious hot pizza, baked hot dogs, and chopped French fries, time passed by quickly as we all returned to the entrance near Johnny Rockets to pronounce our farewells, exchanging hugs and handshakes with one another as they departed home until Melba and I were left with the moon glistening above as our only companion. Where the book began ended as Melba took my hand and led me into her mother’s car to depart for home as Aventura mall became nothing but a shrinking abyss over the

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