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In my Avid class we have been doing the quizzes that determine what we understand, find confusing, and our personality. By doing this we have found what we are good at and how we will succeed. Since this is my first year of high school, I can apply my strengths into my systems to have a postitive result. I have three systems: school (#1), home (#2), and sports (#3). In my first system I have chosen to apply my BGFL (Birmingham Grid For Learning) results. My BGFL result - logical (number smart) (15), will help me a lot in this system. I plan to use this result to help me keep track of papers and missing assignments I haven 't turned in. With my number smart I can make a number chart of my classes. I will be able to write down the number of…show more content…
In my secnd system (home), I intend to use the Ketterman 's result: Green (34/50) for this system. I decided to use this result at home because my mother makes my siblings and I do the chores around the house. I always think of chores as a punishment, therefore I 've decided to apply the Ketterman 's result for this system. The way I will apply the result into the system is by having a positive attitude towards work. Besides having a positive and fun attitude i will try to make work fun by turning into a game and singing songs. For example: instead of shooting hoops outside, I could clean my room by picking up my clothes and throwing them into a basket like if I were outside playing basketball. That way I can learn to have a different perspective on the negative parts of my system with the reults I implement. This result will help me to have a better influence on my younger siblings, by doing my homework, staying organized, and doing what I am told to do. This strategy will help mature my younger siblings, they will learn to be less annoying, thus helping me not to be mad at them. I chose this result because my siblings are really irritating, but I realized if I 'm a good role model for them, they wouldn 't be as bad as

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