Why Was Avid Important To College Students

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AVID is a program not intended for everyone. This program exposes you to a variety of skills and mastery for adolescents desiring to attend college. Avid focuses around organization, teamwork, and for you to critically think. These skills are new to many and are provenly beneficial, however these skills do not favor those that have already had these skills and are show casing their full potential. Therefore, Avid is not for me since it interferes with my academic courses, mastery of avid skills and would not be beneficial for me because I have gained much of the skills and would rather interfer than assist.
Avid hinders my academic courses. The classes in which i am currently taking compose of rigorous courses which require organization and efficient time management. By being in avid, it would incorporate additional work onto these classes that I currently have. Some would say this would be beneficial since you will improve
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Avid is designed to be that support system for students who are in the middle of the academic spectrum. In other words, students in which show potential. This is an exciting and beneficial program for students such as those who get exposed to skills and long life relationship. This would not be helpful since I have a support system and do not the skills I have been exposed to prior and currently.
All in all, Avid is not for me. Avid hinders my academic classes, have already mastered avid skills and would not be beneficial because of the skills gained and interference with academics. Avid is designed to accelerate students who show potential and need that guidance in order for them to be successful in college. This ideology does not apply to every student, some might be accelerated and do not need that guidance and others are not even planning on going to college. Avid is an exceptional program for those who need it as it will benefit them in the long run and allow them to use those skills in the real

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