Avil Beckford

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In reading Avil Beckford’s review she was on point with everything about the book. Especially with the fact that the whole book is about making different life choices that people eventually go through in their lifetime (Beckford, Avil). Not all choices are easy and there are many that can affect your whole life. When looking at her review I did see some grammar and even some mistakes in names. I saw that she misnamed someone while summarizing, “Gabby Holland moves next door to Matt, and she moved to the small town to be closer to her boyfriend, Kevin,” where the name Matt is, that is supposed to be Travis (Beckford, Avil). So, I think if I was writing something for a website I would think to reread it or even have someone else to read it to…show more content…
When Travis Parker faces the choice of turning off his wife’s life support, I am reminded of two interviews I conducted where the interviewees had to turn off the life support of a child. (Beckford, Avil)” It was good that she put a recommendation to readers but she did not go into detail. In some cases, it is good to keep it sweet and short but hers was way too short for me honestly. Many people come to find what Beckford thinks about the book and having it short doesn’t really help. It was nice to have a summary of the book, but I think she sort of went a little overboard on the summary though. Because she wrote about most the book so the only thing I guess she left out is what happens at the end, which is expected. Despite some mistakes in the review, it was a good review of the book. It could have been better with a few grammatical and had she looked twice at the book. There was a summary of the book itself and even a recommendation. I also saw before she even started in the book Beckford wrote about the author, Nicholas Sparks. How he is an author of many books including, The Notebook and The Last Song and has published 18 books since 1996 (Beckford). That is important for the readers that want to put in their time to read other books of his after The
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