Avionics System

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Avionics or aviation electronics is one of the important parts of the airship. They consist of electrical equipment used in airship. An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a system comprised of three main features, which is the airship itself, the Ground Control Station and the operator. Avionics components such as navigation, weather radar and radio communication equipment. Figure xxx shows the basic UAV avionics architecture. A UAS data link typically radio transmitter and a receiver, an antenna, and modems to connect these parts with the sensor systems. Based on the scenarios of Logger operation, the specific requirements of the transport operation include [Concept of unmanned light airship]: 1) Navigation and Doppler radar to determine…show more content…
As proven, icing is one of the most dangerous weather conditions for aviation because the present of ice can damage airship and its engine, which is also, can freeze fuel and water. Therefore, it is very important to have ice detector to detect the presence of ice. Ice detector model from UTC Aerospace System can be used to calculate ice accretion rate, liquid water content (LWC) and ice load [11]. 6) Ballonet/ hull cavity oxyhydrogen gas monitoring and flush control The function of this control system is to monitor and keep the air from mixing with the lifting gas. [1] Myron Kayton, Walter R. Fried, Avionics Navigation Systems, John Wiley & Sons, May 9, 1997 [2] D.Atlas, “Method and System for Wind Measurement” , U.S. Patent 3 341 528, Sept. 5, 1967. [3] http://www.lockheedmartin.com/procerus [4] http://www.lockheedmartin.com/content/dam/lockheed/data/ms2/documents/procerus/TechSheet_COMMBOXv1.1_10_29_2008.pdf [5]http://www.morganelectroceramics.com/products/sensors-transducers/sensors/level-or-distance-sensing-in-fluids/ [6] http://sensing.honeywell.com/product-page?pr_id=54003 [7] http://www.craneae.com/Products/Sensing/FuelGauging.aspx [8] Robert Ellen1, Peter Roberts2 and Duncan Greer3 , “An investigation into the next generation avionics architecture for the QUT UAV project”,

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