Avi's Crispin: The Cross Of Lead

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Crispin: The Cross of Lead Book Report In the book, Crispin: The Cross of Lead, written by Avi, the main character, Crispin, went on a great adventure to free himself. In his village He was a nobody, worthless, barely got a side glance. He was only addressed as ‘asta’s son’, Asta is his very poor, very average mother. One day he stumbles upon a conversation between the town steward and a stranger that is meant to be kept secret. For a reason that is unknown to us at the time, the steward, who goes by the name of John Aycliffe, deems Asta's son a wolf's head, this means that he is no longer human and any man can kill him. Crispin flees, after following the instructions of the priest, he stumbles across a town where he is captured and made slave to Bear, a bulky activist. They go on a mission to make money and reach Great Bexley, along the way dear taught Crispin how to sing, play and dance, all the ways he made money. when they get to Great Bexley, Crispin is compromised by the queen's men. He dodges them several times in the city, until one time when he was following bear they saw him and captured Bear, Crispin had no idea of what to do. It turned…show more content…
Stromford is a small scarce town, their people are ignorant to the rest of the world, there is a food shortage and to top it off they have a tyrant ruling them. These were often times what is was like in these small villages in england at this time, the people obey the church and the king. There was also Great Bexley, which is the complete opposite of Stromford, the citizens here are well versed in their world, food is everywhere and there are activists and petitions, things that Crispin could never imagine in Stromford. This was another factor in the middle ages of england, there were cities like this, but most villagers wouldn’t see the inside of a city in their lifetime if they were not born
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