Avocado Bottle Powder Case Study

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The results of the study pertaining to comparative evaluation of two different packaging materials on quality of avocado milk shake powder are summarized in this chapter. Samples were kept in room temperature also to estimate the changes in normal pace. Accelerated shelf life studies are helpful in getting indicators of quality deterioration in short period of time so that the actual shelf life can be predicted based on the moisture uptake, permeability of packaging material, area of package exposed to storage environment and other factors.
The two packaging materials selected in this study are 1) Non transparent 3 ply laminate PFP (paper45 GSM, Foil 20 μ, LDPE 37.45μ) Transparent Poly propylene film. (76.8μm) The product was analyzed periodically during storage for parameters like moisture, acidity, water activity, colour, TBARS, FFA, Browning Index etc.
The kinetics of quality changes w.r.t carotenoid degradation was studied using zero order and first order reaction kinetics.

4.1. Physico-chemical analysis of avocado milk shake powder
The initial analysis of avocado milk shake powder showed acidity 0.171±0.01 (% lactic acid), water activity (0.253), pH (6.0±0.1), FFA (2.6508 5% oleic acid),TBARS (0.025), browning index (0.23) and carotenoids (33.174mg/100gm). The colour values i.e. L*, a*, b* was found to be 81.57, -5.75 and 29.96, respectively
Table 4.1:. The fresh powder was slightly greenish in colour and was free flowing
Parameters Analyzed Zero Day Analysis

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