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Humans always have the thought of healthy in their head, but not all are the same. The real way to eat and stay healthy is to eat superfoods and for example, a wrap containing avocado, smoked salmon, beans, and peppers wrapped in a healthy spinach tortilla. These all contain the needs for a meal to support a human and is also very healthy. To start, I chose all these items because in all, a person needs carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and water to survive. So, with all these components in mind this is what a wrap that can sustain a life but also be healthy would be like. The first ingredient would be avocados. Avocados allow for healthy fats to become part of your diet and are a tasteful treat inside of a warp. What these avocados do is provide unsaturated fats and are also able to provide vitamins such as B5, B6, K, C, and E. These are all potential to human survival and health and as shown, vitamin C is needed for protection of our cells and without our cells would be exposed to potential danger and could be harmed. Also, avocados will act like stored energy waiting to be used in the long run instead of soon. Thus, the first important ingredient of my healthy wrap would be an avocado. Another ingredient would be peppers. Peppers would contribute to this wrap for mostly two things, vitamins and minerals. As bell peppers…show more content…
As a fish lover smoked salmon is not only a thing I want to eat to be healthy, but rather something I want to eat all the time. What smoked salmon does to contribute to the wrap is by providing the main source of protein. But, as a chicken lover I am not willing to use chicken as the base of protein because the fish foods tend to have more protein that is also better protein. For example, the chicken may have more protein in little servings but in vast amounts that equate to lunch, then the salmon trumps the chicken with 17 grams of protein in 121

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