Awakenings Movie Analysis

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Awakenings is a movie that relates to actual event which described a specific disease and the drug used to treat it. Dr. Sayer is one of the main characters who try to use a new drug to treat some patients who appear to be catatonic which causes the patients are not able to respond and function like a normal person and no hope to recover to be “normal”. He is successful. Unfortunately, this drug just brings temporary “awakenings” to these patients and soon after, they would return to their former catatonic states. What the movie conveys are to provoke deep thought into the value of our lives and to give the audiences the information of the symptoms of the disease and the side affects of the drug. This movie brings such a powerful impact on the appreciation of life and the value of meaning and purpose. When I see the patients in catatonic state of mind which they will never able interact in a way that we can like walking, eating… I appreciate the simple things that I have. This film is a great refresher to me that I often pay attention too much with negatives aspects in my life and I should being thankful I am happy, healthy and alive. The film begins with one of the main characters when he was a child who is named Leonard. A young small harmless boy slowly begins to lose his basic functioning because of spreading the encephalitis lethargica disease. The next scene is in a hospital where Dr. Sayer applies for a job. His purpose is to increase the quality of life for his
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