The Awakenings Movie Review

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Samantha Denise Sanchez OT 1-1 Movie Review Ma’am Anne Peggy Obre Movie Critique of “Awakenings” The Writer: Oliver Sacks The Director: Penny Marshall December 12, 1990 The movie “Awakenings” is a story about a doctor's extraordinary work in the Sixties with a group of catatonic patients he finds languishing in a Bronx hospital. Speculating that their rigidity may be akin to an extreme form of Parkinsonism, he seeks permission from his skeptical superiors to treat them with L-dopa, a drug that was used to treat Parkinson's disease at the time. It was Dr. Sacks' inspired understanding of this state as possibly responsive to the drug L-dopa that led to the opening of…show more content…
I think the MPAA rating of the movie for me I PG and above. I do think that it was good, it was a totally wonderful movie. I could totally give an A+ to this movie because it was absolutely a fantastic movie for me. This is the great discovery in the opening scenes of "Awakenings," preparing the way for sequences of enormous joy and heartbreak, as the patients are "awakened" to a personal freedom they had lost all hope of ever again experiencing only to find that their liberation comes with its own cruel set of conditions. The film, directed with intelligence and heart by Penny Marshall, is based on a famous 1972 book by Oliver Sacks. This movie is an inspiration to us OT students and to other people as well. Samantha Denise Sanchez is a girl who loves to play volleyball and she also loves to dance. She takes dancing as a sport, she’s been dancing since she was in kindergarten. She loves taking a lot of pictures and editing photos. She loves to hang out with her friends and going to different places. She is absolutely in love with color pink. She’s very sweet to the people who is close to her heart. She is a fragile person. She is easily broken and hard to be fixed again. She doesn’t trust people easily. She isn’t perfect but she is trying her very best to make her family, friends and other people happy. That she can do anything trough Christ our Lord who’s been with her from the very
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