Awareness In Education

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In most Western countries, indeed in most countries of the world with elected democratic governments, teachers still can use the pedagogy and the didactic methods they think are most suitable for teaching a subject. We still can make watching an unpleasant movie of a real situation that should be discussed obligatory, and we can give our students a quiz or a test on it which will count for their final grades. We can give them an article of a controversial topic as a reading assignment and debate it in class. It is fundamental though, to achieve the goals stated in the course syllabus, if we work at the college level, or to fulfill the objectives of the school curricula if we work at the elementary, middle or high school. Otherwise we will be criticized for not fulfilling our academic responsibilities. Fortunately, if we use our time wisely we can fulfill the aims of the curriculum and develop our students’ awareness. One aim does not go against the other, as a matter of fact, creating awareness only makes our students more critical thinkers.
It is fundamental to ask ourselves if we want to be the source of change, or if it is probably more comfortable not to talk about controversial topics and just let things continue as they have always been. It is, after all, quite unpleasant to talk about pressing social and environmental problems because we have no other alternative but to address them. If this is what we decide to do, then we should not complain about the situation of
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