Awareness Of Conflict

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Everyone has a unique way in which they management conflict. Awareness of conflict can be just important as knowing how to manage it. There are a few aspects of conflict orientation, knowing these aspects can affect how one approaches conflict. The first of the conflict orientation is the lose-lose. This type assumes that the end result is that everyone loses. This form of orientation is unhealthy and can be destructive to relationships. Typically, this would not be the ideal choice when dealing with conflict. It can be beneficial in some situations. Instances in which the lose-lose may be used without damage is when the conflict is not worse the energy of conflict (Wood, 2014). Where to go for dinner or what blouse to wear to a…show more content…
This type is the most beneficial to all parties involved. This approach is about resolving the conflict with the best solution. The solution to the problem would be one where everyone is satisfied. When win-win can be used it should be to avoid the additional conflict because of the solution (Wood, 2014). Usually I am the type of person to avoid conflict when I can. I am also a realist and understand that sometimes it is impossible no matter the effort conflict does arise. In the instances I try to approach a situation with a win-win attitude. Most of the time there is a way to find a solution on which everyone can agree. I am the mother of three wonderful children. Most of the time they were well behaved and were not confrontation. They were still siblings and it is only natural that siblings fight from time to time. I can remember a time when they were fighting over who was going to sit in the front seat. They were all old enough to safely sit in the front passenger seat so the debate was between all three of them. Normally this would be considered a situation where lose-lose could be used because it is not a change of life conflict. Children have a unique way of looking at things. To my children this situation was life…show more content…
Some situations like where to eat or what movie to watch can be approached with a lose-lose situation because the conflict is not worthy of the situation. These decisions are not life altering and most time individuals will not fight over finding a solution (Wood, 2014). The win-lose orientation has a proper place. This would be more appropriate where only one solution will be the answer. Do we relocate the family for a new job and opportunity even though the benefit is mostly to one individual? This is a situation where win-lose is used. One person wins and all others lose (Wood, 2014). The ideal approach is the win-win. Coming up with a solution where all individuals involved win can be difficult and time consuming, but will result in less secondary conflicts (Wood,

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