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In Away, Michael Gow discovers the way in which the key themes of redemption, self-knowledge and reality/unreality are vital to the overall understanding of the play and the reconciliation between the characters to each other as well as complications during their lives. Away has a short but detailed story line which allows us to see in which the way the families have broken connections between each other while on a Christmas family holiday. Gow used a range of stylistic devices to and language techniques including, structure, and characterization to explore and uncover the theme of reconciliation.

Throughout the text of away, Gow used structure to explore the theme of reconciliation. The characters are important to the understanding of this
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In order for reconciling to occur, the relationships were enhanced and also rebuilt so that the individuals could move on and recover. Reconciliation is explored in many different ways and has a different effect on each individual character within the play. Throughout away, Gow used characterisation to explore the reconciliation coral goes through. coral had lost her grip on reality and had become emotionally disconnected from those around her including Roy. Later during the play when she has a conversation with Tom, she comes to realise that she has to cope with the loss of her son and reconcile with everyone around her, tom helps her with this during the play they both participate in and the reconciling process occurs. To use of short language and metaphors within this ending, suggests to the audience that Coral had finally overcome the grief of losing her son and accepts his death, this leads to her reconciling with Roy. Another character to go through reconciliation, using characterization is Gwen, she is portrayed as bitter and very class orientated. This is because as a child she lived through poverty and now poverty is her biggest fear. She has a lack of consideration for others, and she is extremely quick to judge. Gwen continues to be this way until she hears about Vic and Harry’s story and their life troubles, this puts her back into reality

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