Awilda Pedraza Case Study

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Awilda Pedraza, bilingual mother of two, has been in her field of counseling for many years now. She is a Penn State and Kutztown student who is know working in the mental health care. Working since 1997 she has learned many new important tactics and ways to living the life she owns today. Pedraza states, “Work is a way to provide for my family and a place to help influence others.” Her typical day at the job is giving her clients the advice they need to make it in their everyday life day, but Awilda does more than talk to her patients. She has gone far enough to even help a mother therapeutically meet the requirements for Children 's Services and regain custody of her children. Awilda’s nature of helping goes a long way as guidance is a part of counseling. This is one of the greatest days…show more content…
He’d say I had to move on from this for everyone, including my clients and self. He would be proud of how I’ve become a better individual since I gained the endurance to multi-task, focus, and deal with problems that come my way with less fear, especially as a single parent.” In the end the occupation of counseling influenced upon Awilda by her mother many years ago has affected her negatively and positively. She was influenced as early as 7 years old where she served as her parents translator assisting them in Dr. appointments, parent conferences, job disputes, and even writing letters for them in English learning her true calling. Sometimes she’d witness professionals or ordinary people discriminate her parents due to their limited English. Determined she told herself, “As I grow up I’ll become a professional to help others with any living issue”. Now she lives in Sinking Spring impacting the lives of those from the city of Reading and areas of the
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