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story takes place back in a new collection of the Eisner. It is about this super hero (AXE COP) that fights night monsters (Army Chihuahua, Liborg. Axe Cop is about the adventures of a police officer who prefers to wield an axe in battle. He's a gruff, tough man dedicated to killing bad guys.. There are a few other heroes’ that are friends with Axe Cop (BATMAN) Axe cop would fight night monsters, pulling pranks on Vikings, or teaming up with Dr. McNinja to solve a crime. He meanly fights crime at night time, because that’s when all the criminals happen. In the book the bad guys are commuting crimes and Axe Cop the hero saves the town, the people, and even the trees. There is poor people in the town and Axe Cop as a place where he teaches people how to not be poor anymore.…show more content…
This generally involves fighting bad guys including the bad guys from other planets. Axe Cop has gathered a loyal team. His first ally is Flute Cop, who goes on to become Dinosaur Soldier. Axe Cop gained other allies which included but are not limited to Ralph Wrinkles, Sockarang, Leaf Man, Baby Man, The Wrestler, Uni-Man, Uni-Baby, Wexter, Presty, Best Fairy Ever, Bat Warthog Man, Army Chihuahua, Gray Diamond, Liborg, Water Queen, and others. Axe Cop episodes are nominally set in the present day with aliens, dinosaurs, zombies, and robots and the episodes tend to feature whatever topic happens to be on the writer's mind like sea creatures, brains, and especially babies. Little effort is made to keep track of back stories, powers, and equipment. At the end it comes down to Axe Cop and Ralph Wrinkles work with Super Axe, Captain Axe, Axe Girl, Axe Woman, and Axe Goat in order to fight demon lumberjacks that are making Axe

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