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There a several types of different pumps available currently in the market from a simple axial pump used to pump water at high pressure in a single phase system to drum pumps used for pumping small quantity of liquids out of a 55 gallon drums. Thus, 4 types of pumps are to be described in detail (application and comparison to other pumps) and these four are chosen simply because they are the most common in the industry. Which includes the axial pump, the centrifugal pump, positive displacement pumps, and the multistage pump. (Most of the information is gathered from The axial pump operates at a very high flow and low head type of pump. Another name for the pump is the ‘propeller pump’. It has a key feature, which allows it to perform at the high specific speed of the impeller and operates with high flow and low at the head. The axial pump’s main application is to deliver is high…show more content…
Instead, the system relies on the rotation or the reciprocation motion, which exists in the pump to directly force the flowing liquid into the desired space. This is done until enough pressure is built to move the liquid into the discharge system. This is different on the other types as no impeller is used to operate the pump, and it uses rotation and reciprocating motion to increase the pressure in the fluid. The PD pumps are more favored in industrial usages over the centrifugal pumps due to the high viscosity of fluid it deals with and with the presence of fragile or sensitive solids in the mixture. Which requires the gentler a fluid flow rate at a higher pressure. The advantage it has over other types of pumps in the market is that it can move delicate solids in liquids of high viscosity slowly in the channels (avoiding any harm for the solids). This may also be needed for low flow at high-pressure combination that some application needs that most pumps cannot

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