Axion Narrative

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Most people by now already know this story but I wanted to tell it anyways because I felt like it went along with number 12 on the list so yeah. Before the story begins I would like to give some background information. My father is a police officer who works in DC in the k9 unit. Basically meaning instead of a human partner he has a German Shepard. I grew up with his first dog and his name was Axion. He was a really good family dog and work dog mostly because he had a switch. He knew the difference between work and home. Sadly he died 2 years ago from cancer. My dad for a few moths work in the harbor unit in DC. After a few moths he decided to go back to the k9 unit where he got his current work dog Max. Max is very high strung and hard…show more content…
When my friends would come over Max would roam free. So because of the way Axion had been we weren’t heavy on people interacting with Max. So in the winter of 6th grade a few days after Christmas was when it happened. My mom had stepped out of the house to get a few drinks and snacks because my friends Helena, Amy, and Marlena were coming over. We always do a gist exchange for Christmas. My dad was at home with me waiting for my mom to come home. I was getting a little impatient so I ask if I was allowed to go sledding in my backyard. My dad said it was fine so I got in my snow gear and outside. My snow gear looked big on me and it was all black which what the bite suits at work look is like. I had a hat on that I had got from Christmas on. The hat had braids down the side which look like dog toys. After a few minutes of being out my dad lets the dog out so he could go to the bathroom. I see that Max is out so I get up from my sled and call his name. He come over to me and starts jumping on me so I tell him no. Out from my living room window my dad starts to notice that Max is jumping on me a lot so my dad knocks on the window as an effort to get his
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