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Document 6.1
The Axumite port of Adulis significant, because it is an establishment of the law, and it is a convenient location for trading.
Periplus hint that their culture are acquainted with Greek literature, and as for the economic, Axum is part of a large trade with India, Egypt, and Rome.
I would describe Axum’s role to be very successful in the international commerce, and because of this, they were able to gain recognition and wealth to support their civilization.
The long-distance trade provided Axum with goods and resources from all different civilizations, which helped its growth as an empire.
Document 6.2 Axum’s sacrifice to Zeus, Poseidon, and Ares is an internal evidence of his acceptance of Christianity.
I would describe
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Considering External influences: Based on these documents, I would say that Axum had a pretty good relationships with its neighbors. One of this example, is the long-distance trade across the Erythraean and the Red sea. From this, they took the advantages of the outsiders’ resources.
Explaining the rise and significance of Axum: I think that Axum was flourished through commerce and trading. With this, they gain many significant religious and military.
Comparing civilizations: Axum was viewed the same of the second-wave civilizations of Eurasia, in the term of centralized government that involves with trading, and religion. However, it differs in the size of the civilization, where Eurasian were way larger than the Axumites.
Seeking further evidence: I would like to know more about the collapse of Axum, because as seen in this documents, they said nothing but how stablized the civilization is.
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The helmet, the head of a jaguar, and animal all represented bravery, aggression, strength, warfare, and someone who is in a high social
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