Essay On Anthem By Ayn Rand

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Do you believe that the government has the right to control an individual? Anthem, Ayn Rand, Fiction. Individuals have the freedom to basically be anything and do anything they would like and the government has no right to take that away from them. The government does not have the right to control an individual.
First, the government does not have the right to control where an individual lives and where they can go. Equality explains “We remember the Home of the Infants where we lived till we were five years old. When we were five years old, we were sent to the Home of the Students, where there are ten wards, for our ten years of learning. Men must learn till they reach their fifteenth year. Then they go to work. In the Home of the Students.” (20). This quote explains the movements of homes everyone went through for their
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Equality comments “So we waited our turn in the great hall and then we heard the Council of Vocations call our name: “Equality 7-2521.”We walked to the dais, and our legs did not tremble, and we looked up at the Council. They sat before us and they did not move. And we saw no breath to stir the folds of their white togas. But we knew that they are alive. This was the only thing which moved, for the lips of the oldest did not move as they said: “Street Sweeper.” (26). This quote explains how the council has the right to choose an individual’s career no matter what their skills are, no matter how intelligent they are or no matter how strong they are because to be equal the same person or group of people has to choose everyone's career because it’s unfair for you to be more successful than everyone else by choice. I disagree with this choice because everyone deserves to choose what career path they go down and no one should address what career you get without knowing your skills. All in all, the government does not have the right to choose an individuals
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