Ayn Rand: Egoistic Or Inhumane?

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Ayn Rand and all people who believe egoism is the only virtue are inhumane. The word humane means to show compassion which is an act of altruism, that Ayn Rand and all her followers are firmly against. Altruism is when the wellbeing of a group is more important than the rights and needs of an individual. Egoism is when an individual’s right and needs are more important than the wellbeing of a group. All humans should be more altruistic than egoistic, because altruism allows people to be compassionate and to serve those in need. While egoism motivates people to have high expectations, and make people want to be successful. Both altruism and egoism play significant roles in our lives, but having too much of either altruism or egoism leads to the loss of humanity. Ayn Rand is inhumane, because she is an egoist therefore she doesn’t care about those in need, instead she only cares about her expectations and her success. Altruism makes people compassionate, because altruist value service, charity, and selflessness.
Altruism has to be learned so it is more valuable than egoism, because compassion isn’t something people are born with. Mother Teresa, who was a charitable and a compassionate woman who was told by her mother to, “never eat a single mouthful unless you are sharing it
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People who are altruistic are generous, kind, and very charitable. They are the kind of people whose stories always live on even after they leave this earth. For example, mother Teresa was an altruist who passed away, but she is still remembered by those she helped. Egoism makes people arrogant, and it makes them believe they are superior. Egoistic people don’t show compassion others, they make others unhappy, and they are uncomfortable to be around. So, when people are both altruistic and egoistic they are kind, compassionate, and they advocate for their own needs/rights, which makes them decent members of
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