Ayn Rand's Anthem: The Motivation Of Equality

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Equality is something people want till people actually have it. Equality often limits a person’s abilities and disables to do something for themselves or inspire themselves. Equality's, the main character in the book Anthem, the primary motivation is proving that he is smart enough to become a scholar. Equality has a right to be motivated in this way since he believes that he can help the society so he is giving into the collectivism. I think that if everyone was motivated in this way, there would be a more progressive society where people sought to improve themselves and society at the same time. Equality's motivation is to prove that he bears the same intelligence that the scholars bear to the Home of Vocations. We can see that is his primary motivation for him making the light bulb. He spent so much time and effort making…show more content…
If everyone was motivated and inspired the same way today, the world and people would be much different in terms of ideas and innovation. We, as people, wouldn’t have to worry about a problem because it would be solved almost immediately since everyone is motivated to seek answers including myself so someone wouldn’t be dependent on someone else for their work or problems. At the same time, while people solving their own problems and were becoming independent, people would also, as a reaction, help the world. Sometimes, like Equality, when you are trying to solve your own problems, you end up solving other peoples’. Equality was trying to prove that he was smart enough to be in the Home of Scholars and through that motivation, he invented light electricity that could help millions of others. People in the world would also be largely progressive in the terms that they would have more accelerated progress and innovation compared to today’s world since everyone's mind would work to make themselves and the society
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