Ayn Rand's Collectivism And Why It Is Evil

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Collectivism and why it is evil…..

Collectivism is a belief that the group should take control over those who are in it. There have been many of examples of collectivism throughout today's time period. For an example, the Nazi’s in Germany; another example is Kim Jong Un. He became the supreme leader of North Korea. The author of this book, Ayn Rand faced collectivism more than once in her life. Equality 7-2521, has told us that he’s a sinner, a criminal, the bad guy. Equality 7-2521 is a sinner because he doesn’t believe in collectivism; Equality think collectivism is evil. Equality 7-2521 is a very smart, capable young man. Apparently he has a curse. Well, if he is a “sinner, and a criminal”, what crimes has he committed? Equality 7-2125, writing, and being alone named a criminal?
Liberty 5-3000 is a young beautiful women, unlike any other. When Equality 7-2521, falls in love with Liberty 5-3000, he changes his perspective about his life in ¨prison¨.
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Ayn Rand once stated ¨In Anthem’s totalitarian society every aspect of life is dictated by the state. People are told when to wake, when to eat, when to work, when to sleep. Enslaved to all mankind, they have no freedom to choose their work or anything else....¨ This quote is a great example of Ayn Rand’s creativity about collectivism. She always stayed determined about collectivism. She wouldn't let if put her down, or drag her down. Ayn was a talented women that's going to be missed from writing books. Me, personally think that collectivism isn't a good thing. I've been taught how to counter collectivism. Ayn, was there to realize how bad collectivism is. Now, collectivism has calmed down. There's always gonna be collectivism, imperialism, and even racism. There's always going to be people who have different opinions about many things in life. One may say that collectivism is a great thing, while another will say that collectivism is a terrible
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