Ayn Rand's Explanations For Anthem

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Quotes Explanation Equality is going against the government, first he broke the rule of fighting with his brothers then he did not tell about the tunnel then he fell in love. A science-fiction novel “Anthem” by Ayn Rand. Something about this is interesting, “We raised our head and stepped back. For we did not understand what had made us do this, and we were afraid to understand it”(Rand 57-58). Liberty did not want to go against the government and do a sin but she still fall in love Equality. They both were happy for each other and sometimes Equality did not understand what he was doing and is afraid to find it out because he also knows, falling in love is a big sin. For Equality everything was a sin because he was smarter than the other people.…show more content…
Ayn Rand says, “...they moved stepping back, as if they could not turn from us, their arms bent before them, as if they could not lower their hands”(Rand 58). In wonder, the Golden One(Liberty) is shocked about Equality touching her and she feels good about it. They are getting attracted to each other and cannot focus on the things, also showing love. Liberty feels shy and amazed about Equality touching
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