Ayn Rand's Idea Of Selfishness

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A Hymn to Man’s Ego Be selfish. Most humans cringe at this advice, why would anyone encourage selfishness? Ayn Rand’s philosophy declares in order to achieve our greatest potential, we, as humans, must be selfish. Differentiating from the world’s perception of selfishness, Rand says that the true dictionary definition is simply “concern for oneself” and is an essential to life. Rand expresses her philosophy through the creation of her ideal character, Equality 7-2521, with her same moral values who struggles finding himself as an individual in a collectivist society within the science fiction novel Anthem. He rebels society’s rules in order to achieve his greatest desire: knowledge. Although his choices go against all morals he has been…show more content…
Ayn Rand’s website introduces objectivism as a new philosophy for life; it explains the four components and how they work together: “In Rand’s philosophy, reality is not to be rewritten or escaped, but, solemnly and proudly, faced.” All choices must follow nature’s laws, because they are unchanged and unable to be controlled. Reason should also be used when making decisions, because “To choose to follow reason, Rand argues, is to reject emotions, faith or any form of authoritarianism as guides in life.” People need to prioritize facts over desires or emotions. “The purpose of morality,”“is to teach us what is in our self-interest, what produces happiness.” The purpose of life is to make decisions that are self-beneficial and that provide us with happiness. A capitalistic society will “protect the rights of each individual,” so they can “demand the freedom to think and speak, to earn property and associate and trade, and to pursue his own happiness.” Men should have the right to create their dreams and pursue them. Lastly, Rand states: “An individual who eagerly faces reality, who embraces his own rational mind as an absolute, and who makes his own life his highest moral purpose will demand his freedom… and pursue his own happiness.” It is necessary to use these tools to be the right kind of selfish and live the most fulfilling
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