Are You Happy Superman Analysis

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Every individual has a different set of eyeglasses through which they glimpse at the world. As humans mature, their set of eyeglasses become a way of life which determine how their morals, their actions and their thoughts fit into the world. However, it can become comfortable seeing only through one’s respective glasses that, at times, one tends to forget that there are other millions of different eyeglasses looking at the world and many different philosophies at play at the same time. In the case of Ayn Rand, her eyeglasses created a new philosophy called Objectivism: a philosophy that is centered on man and man’s self-worth based on achieving, thinking and doing what man alone desires, omitting the influence of others. Consequently, her rejection…show more content…
Superman?”, the conclusion of each run well done brings the same exaltation that was captured in the face of Roark in this photograph. In a similar manner, running is a selfish endeavor that benefits no one but the man or woman who runs, and it is an activity performed alone. One cannot borrow another mans legs and run. Moreover, the thoughts, words, and actions of others cannot impede the process nor defeat it, much like the Banner’s constant public attacks and Ellsworth Toohey’s more subtle plan to praise mediocracy could not defeat Roark. Likewise, neither Roark nor running allow for submission for it is an accepted fact, for both, that suffering, disappointment and struggle are all natural parts of the process. Suffering and disappointment that derives from incompetence doesn’t paralyze but launches them into action. In the words of Roark, “It made me want to do my own work in my own way and let myself be torn apart if necessary” (Rand 554) In a similar fashion, running has the same response to incompetence because it allows for an individual to work in their own manner, at their own pace, and quite literally, allows an individual to be physically torn apart if necessary. In addition, suffering is not something to be feared but an accepted
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