Ayn Rand's The Boom Of Dystopian Literature

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The Boom Of Dystopian Literature
Why are kids finding dystopian stories so interesting and relatable? Dystopian Novels are becoming more and more known by people everyday. They are intriguing thousands of teens by the dark and mysterious plots they hold. Anthem was one of the first dystopian novels and it keeps recurring in people 's lives through education or personal likeness. Dystopian films and books are frequently recurring in the top written books, for example The novel Anthem written by Ayn Rand and the film The Giver directed by Phillip Noyce, both exhibit the segregation in the world by splitting away from society for the greater good of others. Also Anthem was the start of popularity for many dystopian novels.
Anthem is an example of singularity among people in a dystopian world. Anthem uses an illusion of a perfect society, yet there is that one person who will step aside from it and make their own path. Ayn Rand says, “what is my life, if I am to bow, to agree and obey? But I am done with this creed of corruption.” (Rand 97). What Rand means by this is that she will not follow the corrupted rules of the world, and that even if the rules need be broken she will do it to show everyone her point of view. Kids like the thought of having the decision to be different and stand out in a crowd, maybe even being a hero. Through these stories kids are seeing those characteristics which is making them excited to read more dystopian novels. Also 7-2521 is peer pressured to
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