Aysiaunna Summary

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REPORTER: The reporter/anonymous called concerns for the victims, Aysiaunna, and two unknown children. According to the reporter, 1 month ago, Gina Jones’ son (14 year old) molested Aysiaunna, and the unknown child was sent to a facility. The child disclosed the incident that took place to someone at the facility, and a report was made. The reporter said Gina’s daughter (unknown) told someone about the incident, and Gina knew about it but she waited days before saying something. Aysiaunna’s mother knew about the incident, but didn’t report the incident. The mother (Kizzie) said she would never allow Aysiaunna to go over to Gina’s home. According to the reporter, this past weekend, Aysiaunna and her brother (2 year old) were at a party with

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