Ayub Khan's Era In Pakistan

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14th August, 1947 marks the day of Independence for Pakistan, a state waving the flag of liberty for the Muslims of the Sub-continent. The golden vision of Iqbal was achieved in the form of freedom and the establishment of Pakistan as an independent, sovereign State, fifth largest in the world. This freedom was attained at the cost of the sufferings and sacrifices of –where many died and greater were left to mourn for them. But we Pakistanis got what we fought for and that was the only relief that kept us together. Dark days of slavery were long past and Pakistan was a new dawn for the Muslims of the Sub-continent. But it was not a dawn that the people hoped for. People managed for the starting years but it became clear soon that Pakistan was not the true realization of Iqbal’s dream. Soon power hungry politicians and military generals started to grab the high positions and all the sacrifices and wounds were in vain. Military coups started to take place when politicians showed illegitimacy and corruption. But the military governments were not exactly good too. I am writing this piece to compare Ayub Khan’s era and Bhutto’s era. But to do that it is essential that all the social, political and economic aspects are considered with due regard. Only after analyzing all these aspects can we decide which era benefited Pakistan the most. And by benefit I mean achieving high socio-economic growth, human development and decreasing corruption. General Muhammad Ayub Khan took over

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