Compare And Contrast Ayurveda And Western Medicines

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Ayurveda vs Western Medicines
According to the words of Charles F. Glassman, “In modern medicine, we have a name for everything, but a cure for nothing”. Medical treatment is broadly spread in today’s society. Medicine is considered as one of the most essential necessity to all of us. Medicines can be generally classified to Ayurveda and Western medicines. Ayurveda is one of the oldest sciences in medicines and are basically herbal while Western medicines grow up along with age and technology to treat mankind. Moreover, the approach in Ayurveda is extensive, while in Western medicine, it is largely materialistic. Both Ayurveda and Western medicines help to prevent diseases, but an appropriate choice depends on preparation, effectiveness and the life span of the medicines.
Many studies about medicines have proved that the quality of the medicines radically depends upon its preparations. Ayurvedic medicines are adapted from available plants and herbs which makes them fresh and
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Both Ayurvedic and Western medicines help to find a solution for incurable diseases. When it comes to effectiveness, Ayurvedic medicines brings enduring cure to the diseases. Ayurvedic medicines has cured to almost every diseases invariably. Even though Ayurvedic medicines show results in our body very slowly, there are no side effects, even after the course of medicine is over. Moreover Ayurveda approaches the body as whole and look for results on the lap of nature in order to achieve complete wellness. However, Western medicines have a lot of side effects over the course of medicine is over. At the same time as the technology is developing, the effectiveness of Western medicines is also increasing. In addition, there are very little Western medicine based on scientific merit. Western treatment involves surgeries in which the life of the patients are on the

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