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In the Ayurvedic origins, every creation inclusive of a human being is a model of the universe. In this model, the basic matter and the dynamic forces (Dosha) of the nature determine health and disease and the medicinal value of any substance (plant and mineral). The Ayurvedic practices aim to maintain the dosha equilibrium. Despite a holistic approach aimed to cure disease, therapy is customized to the individual's constitution (Prakruti). Numerous Ayurvedic medicines have been tested for their biological and clinical potential using modern ethno validation and thereby setting an interface with modern medicine. To understand Ayurvedic medicine, it would be necessary to first understand the origin, basic concept and principles
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The country has a rich floral diversity. Traditional medicine is the synthesis for therapeutic experience of generations for practicing physicians on indigenous systems of medicine. Traditional preparation comprises medicinal plants, minerals and organic matters etc. In India around 20,000 medicinal plant species have been recorded recently but more than 500 traditional communities use about 800 plant species for curing different…show more content…
Before toxicity can develop, a substance must come into contact with a body surface such as skin, eye or mucosa of the digestive or respiratory tract. Depending on the duration of exposure of animals to drug, toxicological studies may be of three types : acute, sub-acute and chronic (Baki et al., 2007). Toxicity depends not only on the dose of the substance but also on the toxic properties of the substance. The relationship between these two factors is important in the assessment of therapeutic dosage in pharmacology and herbalism (Hayes,

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