My Dream House Blueprint: A Short Story

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Where am I? The last thing that I could remember was defending my home from invaders. Now I am stiff and cold. I pushed and shoved, there was a ripping and tearing sound. Suddenly I was blinded by a light. The light was so bright compared to the darkness I had to rub my eyes for five minutes until I could see clearly again. It was very green at this new place. There were perfect hills with perfect grass to cover them. I started to see things flying around in the sky, but I couldn’t see them clearly. There was this wonderful sound that I figured out was singing. Not long after I woke up two fairies opened the truck of their SUV. When I got out of the trunk I was very unstable on my feet. They then said, “Welcome to Aza Land.” They started…show more content…
I hope you like them. I drove up to my house and I started to recognize it more and more, but I couldn’t figure out why. I walked up to the door and there was my blueprint that I drew not too long ago. During my free time I would work on it for fun. I titled it “My Dream House Blueprint” Everything on the outside was exactly how I had planned it to be and I couldn’t wait to go to the inside. I flew onto the porch which was very relaxing. I went inside and it was exactly what I had ever dreamed of. Everything was so amazing I couldn’t help being inside any longer after I walked around what I thought was the whole house. I started back outside and just laid on the grass which was unbelievably…show more content…
I’d never heard of it and he read my expression and told me it was a type of fruit that he grew. It smelled wonderful. He told me all about himself and all about his fairy life. He told me interesting things that I would have never been able to figure out myself. I found out all of the fairies in Aza Land were brought here within a year and not many others would come after this unless two fairies had a baby. He told me he was very shy so he never introduced himself to anyone here and was glad I came to visit him. I told him everything that I possibly could have about my past life and what I was thinking about the fairy life and he did the same as well. We had this weird immediate bond that I thought would last forever. It was strong I could tell. I felt it somewhere deep inside of me. I had never had the feeling with anyone ever, so I was interested to see where our relationship would go.

After we ate the pie that he had made, which was delicious. I told him that I was going to explore some more with this new world. I was his face dropped a little after I told him I was leaving. It satisfied me a little though because I didn't want to leave either, so I invited him to come along with me. He told me all the places that he had gone to while he was here and what all of them had. I was very interested in this one he had told me about which had almost all types of food that you could imagine. He told me the directions about how to get
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