Reflective Essay On Nazi Revolution

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Analysis and Reflection on Nazi Revolution “Deliberate before you begin, then execute with vigor”. Hitler followed this folk adage and implements it well. However, his behavior is not in a good faith. It is hard to imagine that an ineducation person took the whole country as a war apparatus to achieve his horrible goal. Human beings need to reflect on that terrifying disaster. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze how Hitler realizes his plan step by step and the analysis will be carried out from Hitler’s boldness and caution decision with psychological tactics. Psychological tactics can completely change a person invisibly; Hitler grasped the public’s psychology and changed their minds and actions little by little. After the World War I, German political is instability; people are accustomed to the change of political situation. As a defeated country, Germans feel humiliated and the public have a negative attitude towards the government. Unfortunately, the economic situation in Germany is also very poor and the great economic crisis of the 1929 attack German again. The public hope to come out of decay, Hitler grasped this opportunity and won the support from the disappointing people. In addition, the Anti-Semitism in European has a long history and…show more content…
Kant has pointed that people should have their own thinking in eighteenth century. Actually, Kant is a German, but it seems like Germans forget his opinion in twentieth century. People should not be easily misled by others. For an issue, people should think it by themselves and then make their choice or decision. Besides, people should have courage to question, to oppose, to speak your opinion boldly. No matter when, people should not lose their courage and thinking. In 1930s, if most Germans have their own thinking and really consider about the whole country, tragedy will be stopped. Unfortunately, most people were misled by Hitler and lost
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