Aztec And Mayan Culture Essay

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The Mayan and Aztec cultures were both very spiritual and intune with their gods. Both cultures relied heavily on their gods and goddesses. Human sacrifice was normal for these cultures but even back then the Spanish conquistadors thought it was barbaric and vulgar. The Mayans and Aztecs had gods for every aspect of their life. The natives looked for guidance for whatever activity they did whether it was marriage, farming, or business. Today the culture’s beliefs may seem odd and far off but to them it was normal customs to perform these acts in order to pay homage to their gods.
In the Mayan and Aztec religions human sacrifices were vital for these cultures, they believed the sacrificed was blessed by the gods. Sacrifices were made to sustain their gods. The Mayans believed the gods created them from corn and used blood as the mortar for life (“Cracking the Mayan Code”). An important deity in Mayan culture was Kinich Ahau who is the god of the sun. Every morning Kinich Ahau brought the sun up and down for the Mayans. He was especially important to the Mayan city of Izamal. The residents of the city believed that he came down everyday in the form of a parrot at noon and received the offerings the citizens made to him (Allen). Another important god in Mayan religion was Itzamná. Itzamná was
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He was the god of rain, lightning, and agriculture. Tlaloc's name means “he who makes things sprout”. Tlaloc was a loved but feared god at the same time. He would bless the citizens with fertile seasons but he would also flood and drought cities when he was angered (Cartwright). When the citizens sacrificed to Tlaloc they would drown children and collect their tears in a ceremonial bowl. Tlaloc was often depicted as a blue man with googled eyes with jaguar fangs. Along with Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc had a temple dedicated to him where the Aztec’s would worship. The steps to Tlaloc’s temple were painted blue and white to represent the sky
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