Aztec Beliefs

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Sam : As with any culture, the Aztecs had many games and sports.Being a deeply religious people, their games would often have a religious significance. Sometimes they would be based on the people 's religious beliefs, other times the game would actually be a part of their religious ritual. Teaghan : There were games for children, adults, nobles, and commoners. One of the most popular games was a board game called Patolli. Just like with many board games today, players would move their pieces around a board by rolling dice. Another popular game was Ullamalitzli. This was a ball game played with a rubber ball on a court. Players had to pass the ball around using their hips, shoulders, heads, and knees. The Ullamalitzli ball court was one of the…show more content…
Nearly everyone, however, was allowed to watch and betting was very common. Common bets included gold, fine clothing, slaves and even their own freedom or the freedom of their family. Teaghan: Some ways of entertainments that the Aztecs had was: Storytelling, Feasting, Poetry, Playing musical instruments, different types of drums, rattles, gongs, shell trumpets, pottery, flutes and whistles and Dancing. Sam: Song and poetry were highly regarded, there were presentations and poetry contests at most of the Aztec festivals. There were also dramatic presentations that included players, musicians and acrobats. Poetry was the only occupation worthy of an Aztec warrior in times of peace. Teaghan:They dedicated 200 days of the year to taking care of their crops, corn, beans, squash and other vegetables. The other 165 days were dedicated to resting, though not to vacation. During this period of rest, each member of the family worked on a particular type of craft; the men usually dedicated themselves to pottery and the making of sandals; the women in the making of the family’s clothing. This way they relaxed and they allowed the land to rest as well so that it would continue being so generous to…show more content…
On these special days, the women wore beautiful sleeveless blouses with ornate necklines which were worn over skirts – and the men painted their faces with green, red or yellow circles, they greased their hair and wore feathered headdresses. The dancers, which could be as many as 1,000 to 5,000 people, formed large circles and, at the beat of drums called ueuetl, and the sound of the rattle bells, they danced and sang in honor of their gods. Teaghan: Each circle was formed by dancers of similar age groups and social classes. For example, the elders from high social classes were in the inner circle, while the younger members and those from lower classes were in the outer circles. The dances they performed had a highly religious meaning, which is why it was very important to execute every step with exactness. They also had dances for their own enjoyment in which they danced for personal or family events. Sam: The Aztecs also had spectacular dances such as the Voladores de Papantla ,the Sun Dance, in which the dancers climbed a high pole or mast; they tied themselves to long cords wound around the pole. They would jump off the pole, and the cords would unwind making them look like flying birds. When the Spaniards saw this dance they were extremely impressed by their courage and
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