Aztec Culture: A Gift Of Cocoa Beans

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A Gift of Cocoa Beans

In 1519, the explorer Hernán Cortés arrived with a fleet of ships from Spain in what is now southern Mexico. There he came into contact with the Aztec people and their ruler, Montezuma. Montezuma welcomed Cortés and gave him a gift of cocoa beans. Cortés and his men were among the first Europeans to see and taste cocoa beans. By that time, the beans had been an important part of the Aztec culture for many centuries. The Aztec people considered them a delicious food and used them in religious ceremonies. In many ways, the first meeting between Montezuma and Cortés marked the beginning of chocolate as one of the world’s favorite treats.

The Chocolate Industry Is Born

Cortés brought shipments of cocoa beans back to Spain.

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