Aztec Influence On Native Americans

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The Aztec tribe was established during the 14th century in Mesoamerica.They were connected with their use of the Nahuatl language. This tribe eventually grew to become one of the great empires. It became possible with the Aztec Triple Alliance, consisting of the Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan. The Aztec culture was a crucial part of the history of many Native American tribes. A map of the Aztec empire can be considered by some to be an inconsistent assumption at best in today’s modern world. This is mainly due to the fact that the nations of Mesoamerica didn’t have precise boundaries unlike today. Rather, the Aztecs empire was a group of tribes that had banded together to take more land. Furthermore, the range of the Aztec influence…show more content…
The clothing worn by many of the tribes had a lot of variety. The quality of the clothing was based on their social class. It was made with cotton (which was mainly imported) along with ayaye fiber (which was taken from a Maguey cactus.) It is weaved by women who learn the technique when they are teenagers. Many dyes were used to give it a variety of colors (Cottrill). Moctezuma II is the most well known ruler of the Aztec Empire. He was the one that led the empire when the Spaniards conquered. He was Huey Tlatoani Moctezuma, correspondingly he was known as Tenochtitlán’s Great Speaker. In 1466 he was born and was destined to become successful long before he even became the emperor, because of his triumphs on the front line. Many nowadays believe that Moctezuma II was indeed a persistent and skilled leader. Despite his fall to the Spanish, it is believed that perhaps he was misjudged as being unstable, credulous and one to succumb…show more content…
The main object of this game was to try and get the ball through a small rock formed hole with a ring type hoop. It was an extremely challenging process, so if it literally happened to go into the hole, the game would then indeed end. As a matter of fact, a historian named Manuel Aguilar-Morenao stated that, some courts didn't even include a ring, which made the process even harder. A very important rule and key part of the game to remember, was the players were not allowed to hold on to, or touch the ball with their hands. Additionally, the ball was not supposed to touch the ground for any reason and the players were only allowed to use their head, knees, elbows, or hips. It is easy to see, from all the rules, that common practice, in order to pay off debt, for someone to actually sell themselves into what is this game was very fast paced. Just to keep the ball from landing on the court, players often had to dive forward and throw their bodies onto the court surface. Players had to be in tremendous shape and their endurance had to be at a high level, because the ball would sometimes remain in the air for more than an hour. (Cottrill). Gambling became very common amongst the spectators of the Aztec ball game. It even reached to the highest levels of people within the Aztec empire. People would gamble just about anything. Items ranged from an ornate feather, to property and even children. Ultimately

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