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Slide 1- Introduction Good morning/afternoon everybody, today I have been assigned with informing you all about the Aztecs, or more importantly, the reason for their annihilation. Now you may be thinking that it was mainly to do with a war, but it is actually almost solely a disease called the variola disease or as it’s more commonly known, small-pox Slide 2-What were the symptoms and effects Now you may be wondering what made the disease so dangerous to the Aztecs. The main problem of the disease was the fact that not only did it kill 3/10 people effected it also severely lowered the victims fighting capabilities meaning that when the Spanish attempted to fight the Aztecs, it became much more favourable to the Aztecs. (Healthline, n.d.) The person became afflicted with a variety of symptoms that contributed to the previously mentioned tole to the victims fighting capabilities. One of the most notable symptoms was the rashes that would spread throughout the victims entire body which contained abscesses which made any movement of the victim incredibly painful, let alone wielding a weapon in combat. (Healthline, n.d.) Slide 3-Where did the disease start and who kept it spreading Another enquiry you may be thinking about is, how …show more content…

The disease is believed to date back to the 3rd century BCE. (Center of Disease Control, n.d.) And only had its first analysis made in the 4th century CE which is near the end of the Aztecs and was only eradicated (not cured) in 1975 after several failed attempts. This shows that the disease could have been fairly mysterious to the Aztecs considering the first analysis was made about the time they ended in a country that would have had much more advanced technology in comparison to the Aztec’s. It also tells us that even if the Aztecs managed to figure out what was causing the suffering to their population they would have no means of stopping

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