Aztec Physical Features

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When the Mayans came here the they were located in Mexico which were in Central America. There physicals features was the consisted of rainforest which were pretty rare for Mexico. The cities in the mayan words was more like we're modern day Guatemala, flourished between roughly. Now for the Aztecs they were located in the Tenochtitlan, but today Mexico City. Aztecs cities were mostly plane it was based on the symmetrical layout.Physical feature is that is was surrounded by the volcano,which could have meant it was mild temperature there because it was central Mexico.Finally for the Incas, The Incas were located by pre-Columbian but not Puru. The cities were was like sacred city laid out in the shape of a puma. The physical features…show more content…
The incas technology was The quipu,it was a crafted tool that was used as a communication system in the Incan civilization.They used the sun temples to study the positions of the sun, the moon, and the planet Venus. The sun temples were a scientific advance in the Incan civilization. The Mayans One by one, the cities in the southern lowlands were abandoned, Maya civilization was that region had collapsed. The reason for this mysterious.Between 1517 and 1519, the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan had an earthquake. Lake Texcoco had flooded the capital city.. After some brief and violent contact in 1517, a Spanish force under Hernan Cortes arrived in 1519 to completely subjugate the Aztecs. After war and disease swept the empire, it fell in 1521.The Incas were a well civilized race,. The man who conquered this fierce tribe was Pizarro.. Before Pizarro arrived a great civil war had occurred, leaving the Inca military weak, which made it easy for Pizarro to destroy them Pizarro ordered that his body be dismembered to stop any further inca resistance.The incas bribed Pizarro with a room filled with gold for Atahualpa, however once Pizarro received it he still ordered that Atahualpa to be
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