Aztec Technology Dbq

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During the Aztec and Incan Empire period they did not have the technology we had. They did not have the tractors to farm the fields, the fancy working tools like drills and saws, or even fancy plates or silverware we have today. This Aztec and Incan people had the greatest mentality to come up with thse great inventions to survive that we still use to this day but more modern. These Aztec and Incan people had a very awkaward but advanced way of living. There houses were not the most fanciest place to live in but a lot of them poor houses had this one object and it was found everywhere in the structure of the house in the kitchen and even in the art side of the house. This object is called a Maguey plant. They found everything they could…show more content…
(doc. 7). People above this peasents in the social classes had more easier jobs such as scribes. There were many scribes for different postions of work. Some had to keep up with th calender while others kept record of the population. Some will keep they properties of peopl eorganized while others kept lawbooks for special occasions. There were many differen postions for these people. These jobs were easier than the peasents had. (doc. 6). Then there were those people people that will protect the city, Warriors/Nobles. These people will send there boys to school to get educated. Not educated like us were we have to leanr history, math, english and science, no they had to learn how to hunt, fight, use weapons, and shields. Others will be sent to study music, culture and even study flowers. They were thought how to farm and harvest. while the boys learned all these stuff the girls styaed at home and learned how to cook, clean, and to sew. (doc. 3) Once them boys learned how to fight like warriors they were given all these warrior tools like bows, arrows, knifes, body armor, and maybe even a cape. They were sent to defend the coty from attacks casue boy oh boy did they fight a lot. (doc. 2). While they

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