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History should say that the Aztecs were politically and technologically advanced. The documents A, B, C, D, F, I, J, K, L, M, N, and O are used. These documents can are into two groups: technology and politics. Documents B, D, F, and K, have ideas in which it includes technology to make agriculture more efficient to simply counting the days on a calendar. In the politics group, it also contains a subgroup with military and beliefs. The following groups: A, C, I, J, L, M, N, O represents parts of agriculture, yet mixing in with the political stance of Aztec people.
The Aztecs were technologically advanced because of the many ideas they have created. Documents B and D represents two calendars the Aztecs have used. In document B, this calendar
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Document A states how “the Aztecs created one of the two most powerful empires in the Western Hemisphere, and was considered “queen” of all settlements.” Document A shows how almost all narratives find the Aztecs to be very advanced politically. Document L is a mural that represents the agriculture and food production of the Aztecs. Document L shows the “chinampas across the lake as far as the eye can see” and also many people working, in which their political and technological advancement can help with increase their produce, trade, and relationships with other countries. Important to realize, Document N talks about how there was "a great marketplace" and how crowds of people would come in, this represented how advanced their society is. In the same fashion, Document M is a bill that shows how there was some “demanded tribute from conquered territories.” Tribute system can a sign of political advancement which relates to building a relationship between other settlements. Document O represents marriage in the Aztec world. Politically speaking, Marriage rules can show developed and advanced the Aztecs were. For example, “the strict Aztec code continued to govern every aspect of family behavior. If the children stepped out of line parents were entitled to give them the smoke treatment, prick their flesh with thorns, or leave them outside all night to sleep in a mud…show more content…
Document C poses a map in which shows the spread of the Aztecs and demonstrate how their conquests allowed them to gain more control of land. Also, it states that how the “Aztec warriors had the reputation of being fierce fighters, and most territories shown on the map were acquired by force.” Document C mainly shows their military power of the Aztecs. Similarly, on document I, it represents how there were thousands of prisoners are killed as a sacrifice. The thousands of prisoners described how their military was advanced in which they were so powerful and highly that they were able to capture many prisoners. Not only the advancement of military power but also Document H states that there was a great warrior that was taken, and he was treated as the most royal member of the year, but then sacrificed in the end. Document H is a cross between military which was the warrior and beliefs which were the
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