Azusa's Short Story: Traverse Town

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Azusa 's tiny hands clenched slightly as he began to explain to her – and yet she was unable to believe it. “Consumed, destroyed –” she repeated, slowly in an attempt to understand this.
It all sounded insane to her and still she couldn 't believe it.
“Strong h–heart,” she stuttered, even slower. He continued to explain but to Azusa, his words simply sounded completely insane. She pushed herself against the wall; next to the fountain – slowly sliding down it until she fell into a crumpled heap onto the cobbled path. Her guitar case, pen and paper fell next to her and she simply looked into the gilded design of the fountain. She heard nothing else of his words, a mix of confusion and disbelief across her face.

“ – this world is called Traverse Town,” Ragna said, looking down on her crumpled form. “Mind tellin ' me where you come from?”
“Oh, me. Well, I come from Japan,” she muttered in a empty voice. “I was in school – I was in school, in my clubroom; as always,” waving her arm at the guitar case, as indication of her story being true. “Then, it went cold. Very cold, dark and screams. Several screams which just faded away. Then, nothing,” she tried to explain. It was just about impossible though,
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So, so – was it, was it true. Everything he said, was it true. The thoughts filled her mind and she couldn 't help but clench her hands even tighter.
“I don 't know, I couldn 't have been there long,” she continued, “I was in that alley, I was dreaming, right?”The man – his long red coat still fluttering in the wall look down on her; attempting to make her stand and to understand. “Those shadow 'll be coming –,” he said to her, deathly serious.
Azusa attempted to stand pulling herself up via the golden edges of the statue – her legs shaking widly.

“I don 't understand still. Please tell me, one more thing. What is coming –,” she said to him, her voice even smaller now. It was too late now, the air turned cold and the sky turned to murky, pitch-dark color, once
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