B For Buster Analysis

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Iain Lawrence’s novel B for Buster, is centered around the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. The novel deals with how war can affect those involved. The genre historical fiction is characterized by how it takes place in the past, usually in a specific time period. The novel is about sixteen year old Kak who decides to run away from his home in Kakabeka, Canada to join the Royal Canadian Air Force. He meets up with Lofty, Ratty, and Buzz after he manages to lie his way into the air force. Kak’s first problem is not being found out, and this problem is always in the back of his mind. However, when Kak gets his first brush with death during an op, he regrets joining the air force in the first place. The situation gets more problematic…show more content…
This is a result of his first op in Germany. In Germany, he was first faced with the cruelties of war. He was a witness to the deaths of thousands by his own hand. While making his way over enemy lines, his plane was barraged with attacks from Germans, and he is understandably shook up by that. The terror of flying through the battlefield never leaves him and haunts his dreams. Along with his troubling dreams, Kak also has issues with sleep. He is also extremely tense when listening to see if they are to fly an op, along with this he is also ashamed of his fear of flying. According to The Mayo Clinic, “Overwhelming guilt or shame”, “Trouble sleeping”, “Hopelessness about the future”, and “Upsetting dreams about the traumatic event” are some of many symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Kak also feels guilty about Donny’s death. Donny was killed during an op, and before he left, Kak speaks to him and is unable to convince him not to go. Donny also shows some of these symptoms; especially when he gives away his car. Donny gives away all of his things before he goes out on his last op; as if he is expecting his death. He also talks to Kak about his nightmares, when asked by Kak what they were about he replies with, “Kid, you don’t want to know,” Kak witnesses Donny screaming in his sleep, “At the other end of the hut, an airman tossed and muttered in his bed. Then he cried out, piercingly and loud. And I saw him bolt upright in his bed, his arms flailing.” Kak copes with his fears using Percy; Bert’s favorite
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