B Pearro Massacre Analysis

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B On 20 June 1789, the members of the Third Estate took the Tennis Court Oath, and King Louis XVI recognize the National Assembly.
C The scorched earth is a kind of military strategy which helped Russia upset Napoleon original plan. When Napoleon occupied Moscow, the Russian army against the French army, and finally they were succeed.
D After Napoleon against France and invading to the Spain, Spanish American wars were occurred.
B Claude Monet is an impressionist, and the term “impressionism” is derived by his painting title Impression.
D After defeating Americans, the british occupied Washington, and burned a lot of public buildings, including the White House.
B Beethoven wrote the moonlight Sonata, which is very famous and well-known,
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During this period, the terrorist policy send counter-revolutionaries to the guillotine, but they also made some contribution to the history of France, such as the promotion of education, the abolition of Slavery in French colonies and so on

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde, he is one of the greatest writers and artists who borned in England. He is an aestheticist representative. His fairy tale also won the favor of the majority of readers, and Wilde known as the "fairy tale prince."

Peterloo Massacre
The Pearro massacre was a demonstration of the crackdown on England 's England on August 16, 1819. It was one of the most influential events of the time. The massacre was named Pietro, which was ironic four years ago in the battle of Waterloo.

Tennis Court Oath
Tennis oath is the prelude to the French Revolution, is an important beginning. This played an important role in advancing the French revolution.

Bleeding Kansas
Bleeding Kansas refers to the war between the slaveryists and against the slaveryists for the control of Kansas, which began from 1854 to 1859. The war accelerated the division of the bourgeoisie, and the people who opposed the bill formed the American Republican Party in July 1854. The contradiction between capitalism and slavery intensified led to the civil war in
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