The Ten Core Values Of BB & T

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The ten core values of BB&T represents how the organization makes decisions and operate their business. These values enable the organization, as well as individuals, to live, be successful, and achieve happiness. As well as achieve the mission and corporate purpose of the organization. The organizations focus on values stem from their beliefs that ideas matter and a person’s character is of critical significance (BB&T Values, 2016). The first part of the ten core values involves character, which is made up of honesty and integrity. Honesty is the foundation of the core values because without honesty there is no trust. The organization considers honesty an absolute value and integrity are living an honest life as well as other values on a consistent basis. BB&T does not believe in compromising their principles in any situation. When the character of the organization is violated, it can lead to failure (BB&T Values, 2016).…show more content…
Judgment is about making rational decisions and thinking clearly. One should make decisions based on research and not just public opinion. BB&T values employees that exercise good, independent judgment. The foundation for good decision making is based on reality or fact-based research. Often times when people make bad decisions they base their decision on what they wish, rather than reality. Rational thinking is a learned skill that requires mental focus. Employees at BB&T should be committed to improving their ability to reason. Independent thinking is strongly encouraged as employees are challenged to use their minds. Furthermore, independent thinking can lead to innovation as ideas are challenged, which is essential in making a decision (BB&T Values,
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