BBCS Dragons Den Video Analysis

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The presentation on the video titled, Worst ever pitch, Worst ever product on BBCS Dragons Den was ineffective because the presentation lacked relevance, engagement, and technique. The video featured presenter, Derek, pitching his idea of putting traffic flow lights on street signs to potential investors. Derek ineffective at showing the relevance of his technology because he failed to show a real need for his technology. Derek lacked facts to show his technology would make any impact and admitted to the audience that the Department of Traffic Control did not like his ideas. Derek is also ineffective at engaging his audience. Derek’s delivery is unentertaining and fails to grab his audience’s attention. Derek does not show any personality and…show more content…
The video featured presenter, Lee Crocket, discussing the way students learn differently in the digital age. Presenter, Crocket, uses a great amount of relevance to make his points come across to the audience. For example, Crocket’s Power-Point is filled with clear pictures and important points directly related to the subject on which keeps the audience’s attention. Crocket keeps a clear message on how the digital age has changed throughout the generations, as he states, “our knowledge base has been becoming digitalized at an incredible rate…facts become obsolete faster…even our newspapers arrive out of date”. Not only is Crocket’s use of relevance effective, but he also engages with the audience effectively, grabbing and holding their attention. As Crocket presents, he talks about the generations from the past, resent, and future, and the different ways they learn. Crocket keeps the audience engaged by comparing their generation to the future generations stating that, “a few years from now students will be able to gain access to any single amounts of information amounts of seconds,” then shows a slide of a baby in a mother’s whom using a smart phone, making the audience laugh. Crocket keeps his presentation fun and keeps the audience wanting to know more of what he has to say. Crocket’s technique is highly effective, the stories
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