BGK-AAA Case Study

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General Fees:
After spending a year and a half traveling the country from one network to another, we have carefully evaluated the thousands of dollars in fees associated with different networks. Thus we are determined not to become a part of the systems that are all about financial commitment which offer little in applicable services in return. Our goal is to allow the Holy-Spirit to guide BGK-AAA making sure any and all costs have real value which produce real returns that stimulate kingdom growth.

BGK-AAA at this time can find no reason to have a monthly membership fee when our purpose is to help build the micro-church and not add to the hindering of it 's growth. However, we also understand to grow as an alliance, there will be financial
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This conference will be a BGK-AAA dedicated conference meaning 100% of the proceeds will go towards the development of the alliance. If you do not have a church house, then you will be asked to take part in other conferences in order to fulfill your AAA mandated conference. This is not financially driven. Some conferences will produce more than others, and that 's OK as God is in control of them all. This system will be based on equal service not equal pay. We will try to keep your conference as close to your community as possible so you can directly benefit from its marketing. We feel this will minimize the out-of-pocket expense to you while also being a blessing to the alliance growth. Currently, we have a mandate of one conference per year. À La Carte Services
There will be some services that you will need to pay for. However, through our collaborative efforts, BGK-AAA will broker reduced rates that will add value to all our network members.

Future Profit

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