BHS 3053: Family Dynamics Paper

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BHS 3053 Family Dynamics Final Examination During this final examination I will answer various questions and scenarios to the best on my ability using the textbook and other sources as a reference. I will be starting with question two and followed by four, five and seven for my final examination. (2) Imagine that you receive a phone call from the principal of your teenager’s school. The principal informs you that your teen has been identified as one of a group of students involved in the cyber bullying of another student. Take on, in turn, each of the four parenting styles and describe how you would interact with your teenager, the principal, the bullied student and any other stakeholders in regard to the cyber bullying. For myself in this…show more content…
(4)Create a fictional profile of a couple who are experiencing intimate partner violence. As part of the profile, list and describe two factors from each of the following categories which contribute to the violence within their relationship: (1) cultural (2) community (3) individual and (4) family. Include in the profile a spiritual/religious “justification” for the violence. This relationship is a young couple in high school she is a Cheerleader and he is the high school all-star quarterback. They have been dating their entire senior year. Kara is from a very warm and loving home with two parents and Toby is from a broke home with a history of domestic violence. Although, he has experienced seeing his mother abused and vowed he would never behave the way his father did he is now showing attributes of jealousy and the same behavior as his father. His father was raised of Muslim faith, which had a past history with “Using Male…show more content…
The sadness which surrounds hurricane Katrina is horrific within its self. However, to listen to Amy’s misfortune is again like many of the stories of those who survived that dreadful day the levies broke. Amy and her family actually in my opinion did not have to suffer like those that were stranded for days is in New Orleans due to their preplanned trip to Hawaii. Amy and her husband planned and worked very well together to get things squared away before their sudden departure and the hurricane hit. I feel that they fall into a couple of categories. Starting with the Family stress model they are b and x according to the textbook M&F along with using family cohesiveness to push them through the tough times upon their return form Hawaii. The negatives that are missing from the crisis is that they are not affected by extra-marital affairs, health concerns or substance abuse problems. They are coping with a natural disaster and relocation. Amy expressed that she was fortunate and learned that her most important valuables are her family. Although they lost a lot they were blessed to be safe and have each

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