BHS Acceptance Club: A Social Analysis

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When I was young, my grandparents taught me that one’s purpose is to serve others and spread love and compassion. In high school, I’ve been able to live that lesson and work to help others. For the last three years, I’ve had the honor of being the BHS Acceptance Club’s president.In 2014, I was part of a campaign to stop the use of slurs at Brevard High and helped create a video to educate the student body on the harmful nature of such words. My sophomore year, I spearheaded our effort to raise money for LGBTQ youth homeless shelters. We created and sold t-shirts, painted faces, and handed out flyers at the 2015 White Squirrel Festival, bringing in $600 for the Trinity Shelter. This year, we are working to raise money for Flint, Michigan so they will have clean water to drink. Being a large part of the club itself is another way I serve the community. The Brevard High School Acceptance Club was founded on the principles of loving one another, creating a better school climate, and spreading compassion and acceptance. We meet regularly to support one another and build…show more content…
Acceptance Club prides itself on being a “safe space” and being an environment that is welcoming, friendly, and passionate about bettering the world. I have participated in this club since my freshman year, and
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