BMW: Human Resources Management And Human Resource Management

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There is no shortage of evidence that every single company is using Human Resource Management strategies based on their organizational activities. Because in the face of increasing competitive organizations have to concentrate on the value of investments in human resources as a major source of competitive advantage. Even if business strategy is a common conversation in the executive suite, using Human Resource Management strategies will be much more beneficial for staff functions within companies, as they often need to justify their need for resources and their contribution to the company. In this report I will strive to explain about Human Resource Management issues and its relevance to today’s work organizations, especially BMW company.…show more content…
In words of Taylor(2008) Human Resource Management is the range of people management functions, process and activities which involve more than one national context. These policies and practices are considered as human resource aspects of management position, including such issues as recruitment, screening, training, rewarding and appraisal which I mentioned above. When it comes to the BMW company, BMW is the basically German car company with rich experience in the field of comfortable and cutting-edge cars. The company was founded in 1981. The BMW cars company spends more money on its human inputs to add value and its big contribution of human resources also makes some advantage of the company. Because they use different kind HRM issues compared to other multinational companies in a global market. BMW’s Human Resource Management refers to that the workers and managers should think differently to create something new, to be more precise, they must have kind of creativity skills and team work skills as well. BMW pays more attention to its HRM system since HRM is the very important for achieving…show more content…
When it comes to its recruitment and selection process, the selection of employees is the very first task and strategy of the BMW. This means it is the most important element for BMW’s human resource management. The reason why they are so strict about selection and recruiting process is that they only need the preposterously intelligent graduated employees who can think differently and extra-ordinarily to change and compete with the other global companies with their human resources. Besides that to get accepted to the BMW car company the person should be able to identify the market conditions, attract more customers to sell their products. That’s why they have to be able to select the candidate who can match up all the requirements of the job role. The first step of this process is to analyze the role and then to make sure whether the candidate is interested in the job or not. In this process of selection the candidate is asked to fill the application form which illustrates the subjective quality of the person for the role. Then the process goes on the next stage that identifying the person’s market condition to attract customers. Next they check all applications out.

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