7-Series Project: The Root Cause Of BMW Quality Issues

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BMW The 7-Series Project (A)
1) Abstract/Executive Summary
2) Problem Statement
3) Case Analysis
4) Alternative Solutions
5) Recommendations
6) Limitations
7) Appendix

Abstract/Executive Summary
• To explore the BMW decision about how to manufacture the Prototype vehicles.
• Previously, BMW prototypes were handcrafted at the company by skilled artists.
• There is a proposal to change the process and make prototypes inorder to better understand the issues that may arise during final production phase.
• There is a thought at company that new approach shall help the production of New Models and increase the product Quality.
• But they also have a alternative thought that it may be difficult to change the Designs during Development Cycle.
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• There is issue over the Cockpit Design.
• How to tackle the different ways to improve the Flexibility / Quality etc.
Case Analysis
• What is the Root Cause of BMW Quality issues?
• What is the consequence of these issue on the New BMW products ?
• What Improvement measures to be taken ?
• Due to use of various Tools etc in Prototyping Vs Production Model has lead to Non-Conformity with the desired results at Production Model.
• Using Clay Model & Used part Designer Drawing, as compared to Pre-Production Tools in Prototyping Stage has lead to Quality Issues. It has lead to masking several mfg. issues. It requires more skilled labor, cost & time.
• The Mixed Model Ramp-Up Strategy, Produces New Series on same Production Line as Old Model.
• Workers spend more time on Bigger issues and less time spent on Minor issues.
• More Customer Complaints.
• More Confusion among workers, leading to Logistics issues.
• All issues are not Fixed at Pilot Phase.
• Involvement of Suppliers in Final Engg. Drawing & Commercial Production Process.
• In case Suppliers come across issues during Commercial Production then it takes time to adjust the
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• Gain maximum understanding from tools & prototypes etc.
• Make frequent Prototypes & reduce the time taken for development Process.
• Early involvement of the suppliers at design process.
Strategic Recommendations
• Company can use the Benchmarking Technique.
• Company can work on to decrease the Lead time at Development Process.
• Company can use the Lean Process/Six Sigma.
• Company can work on to increase the communication, interaction b/w the different suppliers & departments etc.
• By working on the above points and implementing them BMW shall have lesser issues with respect to the new prototypes.
• It shall help to maintain consistency at quality & lesser customer complaints.
• It shall help the company to capture more market share.
• It is always difficult to implement Changes.
• If Lean / Six Sigma is not successful then there could be loss.
• The investment on New Process & Procedures may be Costly.
• The application of Innovative ways depends on company’s approach towards Creativity.
• Applying new changes may Delay the Time to market of the product.
• BMW The 7-Series Project (A),

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